Silicone – The New Plastic?

Have you ever been deceived by someone you had placed your faith in? Everything was going well until one day, it wasn't.

One Sunday morning, you’re savouring your breakfast and you notice something on your food and, yikes! It’s a scrap of your old plastic spatula. You know too well that you shouldn’t buy another plastic spatula just to toss it for the next 3 months. Thus, you're considering purchasing something more robust, versatile, and notably, safer! And, yes, it is silicone!

Why Silicone?


Here's a little more on why silicone is so beloved…

It’s incredibly clean

Silicone is designed to be resistant to bacteria, mold, and fungi.


A mess, a baby, and lots of dishes piled up. Being a parent is stressful enough. Simplify your life with silicone feeders. They are stain- and odour-resistant and easily knocked into the dishwasher. You can wash it by hand, run it through the dishwasher, or even boil it.


Your primary concern should be this. Silicone utensils of the highest quality are made entirely of food-grade, BPA-free materials. What's more, silicone is hypoallergenic and does not have any open pores that can harbor bacteria. So it’s a worry-free mealtime for your precious little one and of course, to you!


Talk about durability? It's a long-term deal! It can handle both hot and cold temperatures. It is also resistant to the effects of time, sunlight, and moisture. And say what, the colors never fade!

Ergo, for a budget-friendly, long-lasting product that ensures worry-free mealtimes, let's go Silicone!

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